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Platform Beds


Bunk Beds

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Appointment Scheduling

If you’d like to visit one of our showrooms, please give us a call or text, email us, or fill out the form in the “Info > Contact page” ahead of time.

Our family is available to yours every day until 9 p.m. Reach out! We’ll set up a date and time convenient for you. Scheduling appointments helps to conserve energy, keep our guaranteed low costs and allows for one-on-one interaction, so we can better understand and fulfill your family’s comfort needs!

We’re a small family with a BIG responsibility - making sure you’re comfortable with our eco-conscious practice and saving the Earth!

See The Quality In Person

1915 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA


161 Southbridge Road, N. Oxford, MA


About Us

We are a family owned business, focused on the well-being and contentment of our customers. We make all of our products locally and sell them at factory-direct prices in our stores.

Our family’s mission is simple - we don't cut any corners, and will only use the BEST PROCESS along with the BEST QUALITY MATERIALS to ensure that each product meets your specific needs, and we help to save the Earth at the same time!

We promise you the comfort, sleep, and longevity you desperately need.