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Josh - Owner, The Everything Guy

I am an experienced retail leader with over 16 years in this industry.

I truly love what I do - thrive on innovation and new initiatives, while embracing the best practices!

I’m passionate about making a positive difference in customer service through the best service and quality of products!

You’ll see me during in-store appointments, on deliveries, and you’ll always reach me directly on the phone.

I’m here for YOU!

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Samantha - Operations Manager 🌻

Hello! Sam is the name!

I’m the daughter of the Owner, Josh.

Role: I am the Operations Manager - so yes, I make sure things are operating and cooperating!

I’m also the tech-y person, which means that I have a role in making improvements to our website and I send you emails and updates regarding FAQ, orders, and special offers.

Reach out! I’d be more than happy to assist you!